SFTP Gateway 2.0 Overview | Thorn Technologies

SFTP Gateway 2.0 Overview

Version 2.0 of SFTP Gateway includes some highly-requested features, such as:

  • Admin web interface for user management
  • High availability using a network load balancer and autoscaling group
  • EFS mount for file synchronization and scalability
  • User synchronization with LDAP
  • SFTP audit logging to CloudWatch
  • API for scripting user provisioning


SFTP Gateway version 2.0 is currently in beta. If you would like to beta test version 2.0, please contact support@thorntech.com with the subject “SFTP Gateway 2.0 beta test”, and supply your AWS account ID so that we can share the AMI with you. You will then receive an email with the CloudFormation templates and instructions for the beta test.

Feedback will be critical to help us learn about what features need to be improved.